Goal Two Resources

Explore resources tied to Goal Two of the ROSS, which includes research about the impact of using desert parks, effective invasive plant species control and removal, and native plant material development.



Degraded Lands Report

In the Sonoran Desert, many barriers exist to successful ecological restoration. Produced by the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, this report focused on degraded areas in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, categorized them by types of disturbance, and then provided information to help the Park prioritize and support restoration efforts.


Woodbury Fire Ecology Report

Written by Mary Lata, Fire Ecologist of the Tonto National Forest, read the fire report of the events, conditions and impact of the Woodbury Fire which occurred at the forest from June 8 to July 15 in 2019. 


Stinknet: A Weed Advancing in Arizona

Stinknet (Oncosiphon pilulifer), also known as globe chamomile, is a relatively new weed in Arizona that has quickly spread. Michael Chamberland from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Office wrote this report detailing all the information and research available on this emerging invasive plant species.


Invasive Plant Species Clearinghouse

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy in support of Goal Two of the ROSS built this invasive species clearinghouse to centralize important management resources. The clearinghouse is focused on priority invasive species identified by managers in the region. For each invasive species, you will find information about that plant species and effective techniques for removal.


Desert Defenders Training Workbook

As part of the Desert Defenders program we have created a visual workbook of the invasive plant species that are targeted for mapping and removal.

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CAZCA Working Groups

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