Importance of open space

Why Are Open Spaces Important?

Open spaces provide us with natural landscapes to explore, relax in and inspire our creativity. Phoenicians love our mountain parks for the special memories that they help us create, and the unique character they bring to our city. CAZCA is working with many partners and residents like you to make sure that we can continue enjoying the beauty of the Sonoran Desert far into the future.

Support for Local Businesses

Small businesses such as restaurants, hotels, outdoor outfitters and guides have all benefited from the travel of thousands of people to our open spaces.

Outdoor Adventure and Tourism

Annually, Arizona’s outdoor industry generates $21.2 billion a year. Residents and visitors also benefit from recreational activities like hiking, biking, birding and more.

Vibrant Nature

Our open spaces provide homes for Arizona’s famous desert fauna and flora. Without these habitats, many people would never experience the Sonoran Desert.

Healthier You

People with access to open spaces tend to spend more time outside and exercise more. The ability to connect with nature helps people feel happier, reduces anxiety and increases creativity.

Our Home

Central Arizona’s mountains and deserts make our home unique and they provide a priceless backdrop to our communities and culture.

A Cleaner City

Open, natural spaces can help purify our air, and maintain high water quality for our families. They also help cool the city and assist in absorbing greenhouse gases.

What is CAZCA Doing for Our Open Spaces

CAZCA has been instrumental in the development of the Regional Open Space Strategy (or ROSS), which was created with the help of our partner organizations to guide efforts to insure that the people of Phoenix continue to have access to natural areas, even as the city and its population grows. Now we are facilitating the implementation of that plan with the help of many amazing organizations throughout Central Arizona.

Get Involved

Whether you love to hike or just want to smell the desert roses, CAZCA has a way for you to get involved in the preservation of the Sonoran Desert.


CAZCA is an initiative of Desert Botanical Garden. Any donations made to CAZCA must be made through Desert Botanical Garden. You will now be taken to their website to complete this transaction. Thank you!