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EcoQuestions with Kara Barron

May 11, 2021
In this EcoQuestions session, we hear from Kara Barron, Science and Outreach Manager at the Gila Watershed Partnership. How do individual plants and their communities respond to wildfire and how what does a future with more frequent wildfires look like? Join us!

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy – Parsons Field Institute Update

May 12, 2021
Discover the science side of McDowell Sonoran Conservancy and join them for an engaging update on a few of their projects. Staff, stewards, and research partners will discuss the goals of their work, what they are learning, and why these projects are important for protecting McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the larger region.

Speaker Series: Fire in the Desert

May 18, 2021
Join us for this talk with Dr. Molly Hunter to learn about the changing role of fire in southwestern habitats. We live in such a unique place, and as fire become a more common facet of our lives it’s important we understand their role and their impact on our deserts.

Speaker Series: What Fuels Wildfires?

May 26, 2021
May is all about Wildfire Awareness! Join us for this talk with Dr. Ben Wilder to learn about the role of invasive plants in wildfires and other facets of fire in the Sonoran Desert. Discover also what recovery and restoration looks like in this unique arid habitat.

May EcoQuest: Up In Flames

May 2021
The Sonoran Desert is not adapted to wildfires. Join the May EcoQuest to find and map as many wildfire fueling invasive plants as possible in collaboration with Desert Defenders.

White Tank Mountains Flora Update

Jun 17, 2021
Join us for this update presentation on the plants of the White Tank Regional Park, compare results with the earlier study in 1973, and point out some areas where the current data indicate changes have/are occurring.

Desert Defenders on iNaturalist

All Year
Help us find and map the top noxious weeds (invasive plant species) of concern for Central Arizona region using iNaturalist. We need you help! Join the Desert Defenders project.

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