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CAZCA's Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Read our statement on justice, inclusion, equity and diversity. 


CAZCA Open Space Primer

This primer is designed to assist communities and open space advocates in crafting a compelling case for open space protection, find funding, and start meaningful dialogue on this topic. The primer focuses on activities, information sources, talking points about the benefits of open space, successful local case studies, and key messaging strategies that can be incorporated in a case statement.


CAZCA Greenprint

The Greenprint was developed to support localities, land managers, and other natural resource stakeholders in understanding natural resource assets. This report outlines data and suggests ways in which it supports planning and prioritization, communications and marketing, and it functions as a tool for stakeholder engagement processes.


Desert Defenders Training Workbook

As part of the Desert Defenders program, we have created a visual workbook of the invasive plant species that are targeted for mapping and removal.


Plants of Maricopa County

This pocket guide – produced by CAZCA and the Desert Botanical Garden – introduces novice and expert naturalists alike to a diverse range of native and non-native plant species that occur within Maricopa County. Spanning nearly 6,000,000 acres, Maricopa County sits in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert and presents a fascinating mix and diversity of people, landscapes, flora, and fauna.


Sonoran Insiders Year One Report

The Sonoran Insiders Ambassadors is a collaborative program with local influencers to reach wider audiences for the care and responsible use of natural spaces and National Forests in Central Arizona. This report details the methodology, processes and lessons learned from the first year of this pilot project. Sonoran Insiders is a joint effort between CAZCA, the National Forest Foundation, the U.S. Forest Service, Friends of the Verde, and the Arizona Conservation Partners.


Sonoran Seed Collaborative for Native Plant Development in Arizona

The Sonoran Seed Collaborative is a partnership of CAZCA, Arizona Columbine Garden Club, Arizona Native Plant Society, Tovrea Carraro Society, the City of Phoenix, and the Desert Botanical Garden. Its goal is to increase the availability of native plant materials for restoration projects in Maricopa County. This is a report detailing the activities of the first year of the project. Put together by Carianne Campbell from Strategic Habitat Enhancements, LLC.


CAZCA Strategy on Open Space

Take a look at the CAZCA Fact Sheet.

Conservation Opportunity Areas in Central Arizona

Conservation Opportunity Areas in Central Arizona

The Central Arizona Conservation Alliance brought together ecological data and expert opinion to describe what a hypothetical network of open space could look like through the identification of conservation opportunity areas (COAs).

Media Gallery

Take a look at the CAZCA image Drive.

CAZCA Presentations

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CAZCA Presentation

Learn more about who we are and our work.

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Introduction to Invasive Plants

One of our biggest priorities is invasive plant species management and for this we created the Desert Defenders program. Learn more about invasive species and our work to combat this challenge.

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Sonoran Insiders

Explore our Sonoran Insider Ambassador program which aims to work with local influencers to promote and elevate responsible recreation and conservation messages.

CAZCA Working Groups

Explore the various resources produced by the CAZCA working groups.


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