Sonoran Insiders

The Sonoran Insiders is an innovative social media ambassador program designed to link local influencers with conservation non-profits and land managers.

This new program seeks to bridge the gap across fields and industries to collaborate with local digital influencers for conservation. We believe passionate members of the community can help amplify local efforts to raise awareness on local environmental, conservation and recreational issues to foster better stewardship and conservation action.

For conservation professionals, this is a great way to leverage influencer audiences for the stewardship and responsible use of public lands and National Forests in Arizona. For our ambassadors, it’s an opportunity to have unique experiences, share and exchange knowledge, and support responsible use.




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Meet the Ambassadors

Butterfly in on the flowers in garden

Lisa Hankinson

“Social media has brought a lot of attention to many unique locations that people wouldn’t otherwise know about. As more and more people recreate on our public lands, our outdoor spaces are increasingly at risk. So, I believe that posting photographs of alluring places comes with a responsibility. We must also educate our viewers in order to ensure our natural areas are protected, conserved, and sustained.”
Butterfly in on the flowers in garden

Julie Bridwell

“Nature and the outdoors (to me) means being a member of a universal community. I feel charged and hold incredible responsibility for our preservation and evolution. In all of Mother Nature’s beauty… the concatenation of biological incident and accident, her busy work of managing coexistence, she sees me, teaches me and holds a place for me.”
Butterfly in on the flowers in garden

Sean McClue

“As part of the City of Phoenix Planning Commission back in the early 1970s, my father helped establish the Phoenix Mountain Preserve in the Central Corridor, including Camelback Mountain which was our family’s favorite place to hike. He taught us the value preserving these special places from over development for future generations so that they could experience the same places we enjoyed as a family.”

Project Partners

We are grateful for the support and leadership of our partners in this effort.

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