Plant Swap Program

Help protect our native ecosystem by swapping out your invasive, fire prone fountain grass for native, pollinator friendly desert milkweed!

This project is funded by the Arizona Department Forestry and Fire Management Invasive Plant Grant.

Project Purpose

Fountain grass is an invasive species originally from Africa that was brought to the United States for ornamental and erosion control purposes. It has since become an issue throughout the Sonoran Desert as it outcompetes native plants, creating a monoculture, and acts as fuel to wildfires. Fountain grass has been added to the Arizona Noxious Weed List as of 2020.

Desert milkweed is a critical native plant for pollinators, especially monarchs and provides similar aesthetic properties as fountain grass.

The project areas we selected border open spaces and we hope that by removing fountain grass in the surrounding neighborhoods, we will be able to reduce creep into the open spaces themselves.

How to Participate

Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Register

Register for the program using the link below!

2. Remove

Once you receive confirmation from CAZCA that you are registered, remove your fountain grass, take photos (before and after) and send them to CAZCA, and then dispose of it properly (bagged so it won’t continue to spread seed)!

3. Receive and Replace

Receive your FREE desert milkweed and plant it in your yard to replace your fountain grass!

Register for the May 3rd information session from 4:30-6 PM via zoom by clicking the button to the right!

FountainGrass-Yasuko Hirata

Fountain grass

Desert milkweed

Project Areas

Below are maps with the initial target areas in pink, the project is not limited to these areas, but is limited to surrounding the Phoenix preserve and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. If you are interested in participating but are in another area please let us know! We would like to expand this project in the future if there is demand.
Scottsdale Treatment Area
Phoenix Treatment Area


Register to participate in the program. While supplies last.

Project Partners

We are grateful for the support and leadership of our partners in this effort.

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CAZCA is an initiative of Desert Botanical Garden. Any donations made to CAZCA must be made through Desert Botanical Garden. You will now be taken to their website to complete this transaction. Thank you!