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May EcoQuest: Saguaro Census

May EcoQuest: Saguaro Census


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Join the May EcoQuest: Saguaro Census!

Find and map as many saguaros (Carnegia gigantea) in urban areas as possible.

In recent summers, the metro Phoenix area has lost numerous saguaros and the cause is unclear. The Saguaro Census is the first step to generate a database to monitor the saguaro population in the Valley, learn more about their health, and research the effects climate change might have on them.

We encourage you to go the extra mile and make notes about their size, number of arms, health and where they are located. Is it tall with three arms and looks full of water? Is it in a commercial area and looks brown? Let us know!

See this training video for help or use the handy Getting Started Guide.

 Interested in volunteering for a more active role in the Saguaro Census? View this training guide and join the Volunteer Saguaro Census project.

May 2022
All Day

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