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Maricopa County April EcoBlitz Challenge

Maricopa County April EcoBlitz Challenge

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Have you joined Maricopa County Parks EcoBlitz Program yet? It is a great opportunity to learn more about desert wildlife and plants, while contributing to science! The month of April is the Master Blister Beetle challenge.

These colorful beetles can grow to be a few inches long with a mix of deep black and bright red/orange. Often found in Brittlebush, these native Sonoran Desert beetles feed on petals and pollen. Caution: Do not touch them as they secrete a special liquid that can cause blisters. How many can you find?

We encourage you to photograph all or any species you come across while in the parks. It’s easy! Learn more on how to upload photos and identify to species visit Maricopa County Parks webpage.

April 2021
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Sign up for iNaturalist and join the EcoBlitz today!

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