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Conservation Celebration

Conservation Celebration

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Event Description

Join us for the Conservation Celebration luncheon presented by Desert Botanical Garden. This year’s theme is Seeing Nature Through Sound, as we immerse ourselves in the topic of acoustic ecology. We are honored to have Dr. Bernie Krause as our keynote speaker, a visionary in the field of soundscapes and acoustics. During the event the 2019 Conservation Award will be presented to an individual or organization showing vision and leadership in biodiversity conservation.

This year’s nominees are:

  1. Maxine Lakin, Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council
  2. Dr. Kimberlie McCue, Desert Botanical Garden
  3. Kelsey McKeighan, Arizona Sustainability Alliance
  4. McDowell Sonoran Conservancy
November 21, 2019
11am to 1pm

Do I need to Register?

This event has limited seating. Please purchase your tickets through Desert Botanical Garden.

Event Partners

CAZCA functions through extensive partnerships to stand together and further our conservation efforts.

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